Bioceramic reparative cement

MTA BIOREP is bioceramic reparative cement with fast setting time. Its long lasting action allows an efficient regeneration process and peri-radicular tissue remineralization.

  • Biocompatible reparative cement
  • Fast setting time - 15 minutes : Treatment in only one session
  • Made with Calcium Tungstate : no risk of teeth discoloration
  • High radio-opacity
  • Formation of a dentin barrier
  • Highest pH level: bacteriostatic properties
  • Higher sealing potential: preventing of microorganisms migration
  • Long lasting action allows an efficient regeneration process
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Can be used with Obturys for an effective endodontic reparation

More on the product

Product ReferenceQuantity
MTA-BRP2.22 powder capsules + 2 mixing liquids
MTA-BRP5.55 powder capsules + 5 mixing liquids

pH 9.3
Setting time: 15 minutes
Radiopacity: 3.7 mm Al
Calcium ions release: 0.93 ppm

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